The Allure of Designer Dog Collars

Collars were invented with a specific purpose in mind: to control your dog, to teach and train your dog, and as a mechanism to hold your dog’s tags for identification.

Somewhere along the way, dog collars took on a completely different direction and started showing up in designer collections: from Louis Vuitton to Chanel to Gucci. Given how highly lucrative designer collars have become, who wouldn’t want to get into this market?

For all those into pampering their pup, designer collars are the way to go if you want to spend both the least amount of money or the most (high end collars by a designer can go as high as a $1000 or more). If you don’t know where to buy one, Copper kettle¬†look no further than the world wide web. The Internet is teeming with sites ready to take your hard earned cash in exchange for the latest designer collar.

Just like the more and more popular doggie clothing, designer dog collars are a way to show off your pooch. Some say that just like a great pair of shoes can make you feel fabulous, the same is true for your dog when it’s out prancing with its designer collar on. The designer dog collar screams “look at me”, “look how important and special I am”.

There are dog owners who in addition to just having a fondness for designer items, want to showcase one of their best assets: their loving and loyal doggie companion. What better what to do that than to have a designer dog collar around its neck? It will sparkle and shine just like a diamond necklace around your own neck.

If a designer dog collar is a must-have for both you and your dog but you can’t afford the high cost of buying one, you can turn to the also popular designer-inspired collars. Without spending a lot of money, your dog can still look glamorous- who’s going to know if it’s a real diamond or a synthetic one? As long as you [and your dog] still feel fabulous, who cares?!

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