The Role of Nanotechnology in Textile Chemicals Industry

The role of nanotechnology in textile industry has accelerated with a positive momentum during the recent past years. Textile companies have been spending amply in research and development activities in order to discover appropriate products, and add innovations to their existing ones. In fact, textile industry is the first manufacturing industry to come up with finished products that are enhanced through nanotechnology-based products. chemical industry Nanotechnology has versatile applications in Textile Chemicals industry in manufacturing garments with stain resistance, flame retardant finishes, wrinkle resistance finishes, moisture management, antimicrobial qualities, UV protection, and soil release properties, etc.

The leaves of certain plants always stay clean, because dirt cannot adhere to the finely- structured Surfaces and is easily washed off by rain.

The natural non-stick, and cleaning process, also known as the self-cleaning effect, is permanently transferred to the textile surface by means of nanotechnology.

The result is NanoSphere an ecologically clean textile finish, developed in accordance with the bluesign standard.

Water and stains have no chance:

Water and annoying stains have no chance on textiles with a NanoSphere finish. The nanotechnology-based textile impregnation is characterized by a high level of water resistance, a natural self-cleaning effect and a durable protective function.


o High level of water resistance

o Naturally self- cleaning

o Durable protective function

High level of water resistance:

On NanoSphere textiles, water drops, e.g. when it is raining steadily, runoff simply and reliably

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