Wireless ECG – New Comfortable Wire Free Technology For Heart Patients

Modern technology developments such as wireless do not stop with your mobile phone! Most recently, wireless technology has been successfully implemented to ease the discomfort of heart patients, as well as to make it easier for hospital staff, nurses and doctors, to manage the placing of heart monitors on patients. Wireless ECG is a big step towards increasing the comfort during your hospital stay.

But the advantages of wireless ECG do not stop there. Also for patients who are taking mobile ECG monitor samples at home, there are several advantages of wireless or bluetooth ECG. Cardiac tamponade ECG We will go over these in this article. We will talk about the ease of placement of the wireless electrodes, the ease of wearing them any time of day, as well as the increased accuracy that comes from wireless simplicity.

By checking out these simple reasons, you should have an easy time to figure out if purchasing a wireless ECG is the right decision for you.

Ease of placement of wireless ECG machine components

Wireless ECG still has the electrode wires, but they are neatly lined up into one plastic strip that is securely attached in the correct position on patient’s chest. The strip ends in the wireless transmitter which transmits the signal to the main wireless ECG unit/monitor. Since the only wires are the ones attached to the patient’s body directly, the chances of short circuits and displacements of electrodes are much diminished.

The ease and comfort of wearing wireless EKG/ECG

Patients find wearing wireless handheld ECG comfortable, painless, and worry free. What could be easier than to wear a strip with electrodes, that has no wires dangling off of it, and is stuck securely to your chest? Even wearing a separate handheld wireless ECG monitor is optional. Depending on the wireless signal, bluetooth or wider range, you could even allow the main ECG monitor to be removed from your body and placed on the night stand, or a table nearby. Talk about absolute comfort.

An additional benefit of small, and compact wireless ECG electrodes is that they can be made disposable, decreasing any chance of infection, especially in multi-patient, hospital setting.

Increased accuracy of heart rhythm measurement

The increased accuracy of the wireless ECG machines has been demonstrated clinically. It is easy to envision why a dramatic improvement in accuracy of wireless monitoring has been consistently achieved. By not having a patient deal with additional wires that extend from the chest ECG leads to the location of the main ECG unit, typically placed on the patient’s belt, there are no wires that clothing, or patient’s arms can get tangled with, causing electrode displacements, or even electrode shorts in many cases.

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